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I am Kirtan. I Guess I'm 17
I am crazy and all time high

I Am basically a bathroom singer who loves to dance!
I love to socialize and Love watching movies!!!
 If there's anything you wanna know,just ask me ;)
I dont bite :D
My Witty Buddies are Vee and Syd.Do follow them

Username Credits: Nandos_lover  <3 :*(Happy Now?)


Quotes by I_am_the_monster_under_your_bed

Dear Guys..!!

Be The Reason Why She Smiles
Every Morning,

Not The Reason Why She Cries
Every Night...
I will always
care for you,
even if we're not
together and even if
we're far,far away
from each othe

Syd,I Love You!! :*

wish i could just
fast forward through
time just to see
if its all worth it
in the
Dont cry because they left,

Just smile because they gave you a chance to find someone better. . . .