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Quotes by We Barely*

He Just Told Me:
"I'm in
Love with you"

"Corrie are you okay?"

"A Piene, Mais Je Serai Bein"

Sometimes lying is easier than telling the truth,
Sometime crying is easier than smiling"

I'll be okay eventually though.

I don't want to get hurt anymore,
Just let me be happy,

I remember a time when I was so happy.
I wasn't dealing with low self esteem or overthinking things.
I was just happy.
I guess it is true,
"Ignorance is bliss"


I hate feeling ignored.
I'm THAT girlfriend.
I begin to miss you too much,
If you don't reply to me I start thinking is something wrong,
Then I start overthinking....
And everyone knows what happens when you overthink.

"Is he with someone else?"
"Is he trying to play me?"
"Does he really care for me?"
"Is he even thinking about me?"

Call me clingy,
I don't care.
I worry.

Je pleure quand tu es parti trop longtemps, 
Tu me manque 
Chaque seconde de chaque minute, 
Chaque miniute de chaque heure, 
Chaque heure de chaque jour

I cry when you're gone for too long,
I miss you,
Every second of every minute,
Every minute of every hour,
Every hour of every day.
Don't make me regret this...
He's Mine, and I'm His.
I just hope I don't mess this up...

Don't you just hate when people come into a room
when you're watching your favorite show
Then starts talking...
Like who tf raised you?
You are an animal,
Leave My Home. Now.
We are no longer friends.