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Heeey there; I'm shannon. Extremely weird; interesting; annoying; ect.; ect.; ALL THINGS PEOPLE USE TO DESCRIBE ME. I am a music lover. I am very obnoxious. I WILL try to impress you, I promise you that. Art&Photography are passions. Ice hockey consumes my whole life...♥ I live only to make people happy. Not saying I'm good at it; but it's what i live to do. I have the most lovely boyfriend; Austin.♥... I love that boy to death... I have some amazing friends; but key ones to checkout would be; Kirsten (live_laugh_love122), and Danielle; (peace_love_happy35) Thankkyouu for visiting my page; drop me a comment or whatever; FOLLOW ME && I will love you for eternity.

Quotes by Ic3y_h0t

You're cute,
You're sweet,
You're soft,
You're smart;
You fill the gaps inside my heart.
You're nice to hold, and hard to leave,
You're everything thats good to me.
I love your hair, your pretty eyes;
the way you leave me mesmorized...
I guess there's just one thing that's true-
above the rest... that I love you.

That Awkward Moment
When you find a quote that isnt
about one direction.
"I find it disrespectful to call a girl
hot or sexy, so some may say my girlfriend is hot, or sexy, and I would have to agree,
but I myself would say that she is the most gorgeous girl who I have ever laid eyes
upon, her soft brown eyes I could stare into for hours, her hands mine to hold for
days, her lips mine to kiss forever, and her body mine to caress as long as she is 

I'm Done with second tries...
Highschool, and pointless lies...  


So you really like ME?
Haha, yeah...
Well that's funny... 'cause I'm way out of your leauge.
Oh...I see...:/
What I mean is, you're way too good for me.♥






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[X] #TeamMyPhoneIsAPiece OfShit...



That Quote Was Funny
.....The first 5 times I saw it

 "I do" and a kiss;
 our forever starts♥



 *At breaking dawn* 
 -Edward brings a cup of blood to Bella-
 My boyfriend: how much of that do you think he drank before giving it to her? 

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But I'm    losing all my