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Hey everyone!! I'm Grace!! Living and loving on the East coast <3 I'd do just about anything for my family and my friends. I wouldn't be here today, or who I am without them. Even with the drama that goes on in school I know I can keep moving forward with the help of them all. I would be able to be me without.

I can only be me.
That means doing everything I love, most importantly staying with the sports I absolutely love! Day in day out all year long.

Quotes by IcanOnlyBme

The moment when you realize you'll might not ever be with the one who truly makes you happy so you just stand at a distance wondering what to do.

"I wont give up, on, us, even if the skies get rough"
The only thing I want tonight, is sleep in your arms
I can't believe that I've been so hurt by you!
Didn't know being a friend was such a struggle...
Here comes a fighter, that's what they'll say to me
I swear no one cares......just crying myself to sleep tonight I guess
sometimes I feel so alone
Don't ever leave the one you love,
for the one you like.....
Becasue the one you like,

will leave you for the one
they love!