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Hey everyone!! I'm Grace!! Living and loving on the East coast <3 I'd do just about anything for my family and my friends. I wouldn't be here today, or who I am without them. Even with the drama that goes on in school I know I can keep moving forward with the help of them all. I would be able to be me without.

I can only be me.
That means doing everything I love, most importantly staying with the sports I absolutely love! Day in day out all year long.

Quotes by IcanOnlyBme

Sometimes I just don't know
Sometimes I really just need my friends there
Sometimes I don't know if I can trust people
Just Sometimes I need to cry and to be listened to..
i'm always there for you!! but the one time in a long time i've really needed you...you don't do anything to help

 so instead i cry

ik your prob goin thru things too...but i always push my stuff aside to help you heal...

If I had to choose between you or everything in the world. . . You'd always be my choice.
Don't wake me because I'm dreaming about angels on the moon

All I am, and all I have been,
Is nothing compared to who I can be.
Welcome to the Dark Side
We've been expecting you
"If training is hard, winning will be easy
If training is easy, winning with be hard"

How can that one guy
Make a girl feel so happy
Even when they aren't together

Doubles your joys
And divides your sorrows
Awhile ago my friend and I got into a big fight
I was about ready to just give up on patching things
I thought she was going to do the same
The she gave me a letter and told me to read it later
So I did, and she said told me she wanted to be friends again
That's how I know I got one of the best friends ever!!
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