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Hey everyone!! I'm Grace!! Living and loving on the East coast <3 I'd do just about anything for my family and my friends. I wouldn't be here today, or who I am without them. Even with the drama that goes on in school I know I can keep moving forward with the help of them all. I would be able to be me without.

I can only be me.
That means doing everything I love, most importantly staying with the sports I absolutely love! Day in day out all year long.

Quotes by IcanOnlyBme

"But I've become what I can't be"

Sometimes I feel
Like I don't belong


Sometimes I feel invisable
One Republic:

Feel Again
Marchin On
Stop and Stare


Is it ever the right
Time to tell that
Guy that you
Like him?

Can I get some help please?


   We have but one life, one choice, one love.
   My one choice will forever and always be him.
   My one love is him and I his.
   My one life is connected to his and we shall not separate.
Shortest horror story ever:

Best Friend: "Goodbye"

sometimes i feel like im just being left out.....
Comment and like to confuse
Everyone who has no
Idea how to
Read this

my heart is numb
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