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so basically, my life sucks.

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If two people are happy together, leave them alone.  
....uhm. i thought quotes were made for faves. all i wanted was faves for my mommy so she would see how many people were against it but obviously you all reported my quote so now she cant see it :''''( thanks alot....
on my quote asking to help my mother to stop smoking, i got this comment:
"sure she will"
this was my reply:
"you know what? she has
smoked since she was 16. she had 3 a day when she was pregnant with me. Shes 36 now and i dont want her to leave me. i love her so much, and for you to comment on my post thinking that im lying is downright hurtful. F
I hope you read this. I love my mother. Obviously, your ridiculously ignorant to think that i'm lying about that. That would be like me saying that you dont love your mother. How would that make you feel? Good?
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- Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
He's for me,
not for you.
If by chance,
you take my place,
i'll take my fist;
and smash your face. (;
i might delete my account. its turned into a one direction fan page.

Hes   the   one  i   want  to  be sitting  next  to  on  the  porch, holding  hands  and rocking   in  our  rocking  chairs  while  drinking  iced  tea  watching  our grandchildren  play..

Dear Boy Who Really Likes Me,


 Its about effin' time!! 

but first you must defeat my kung fu style