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Quotes by Icy_Cream

Just Me?
there should be a french fries challenge where you cant eat the fast food french fries in the car when going to your destination.


anyone else sad that iCarly is almost over?


That Awkward Moment
when you know how old your teacher is.

Grandma: how long is this Doritos commerical?!

me: grandma, this is Jersey Shore..


Going to another country and having an american accent.


Yo mama so fat she plays temple walk.


Taking a test.

-all c's in a row I should change some.
-all of the above..hmmm
-none of the above...
-crap I don't know any of this
-so many questions
-I see you looking
-flip paper really loud
-not the last one done!


I wonder how many guitars Taylor Swift have?

Going to the restroom in school
15% to go pee
70% To look at yourslef, fix your hair, etc.
15% Leave class


When I was younger..
I didn't know the word highway so I use to say the road where all the trucks went
*old days*