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Quotes by Icy_Cream

How spongebob should end,
spongebob and sandy gets married, patrick becomes a doctor, the krusty krabs close down, the chum bucket opens, squidward becomes happy, sandy have a kid, gary dies, planton gets a computer child,..
spongebob should never end


Talking to someone with glasses

100% Looking at yourself in the lenses

Not eating something cause it looks ugly


Format by Shauna1612

Who Remembers:
when sniffing glue was a "drug"


That fake audience laugh on T.V. shows.

Watching a commerical about fast food burgers and when you buy it, it looks like dump

that awkward moment
when you see that your teacher has a  tattoo


that random vocie when you read in your head

that moment
when it's 6pm but it looks like it's 10

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