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Quotes by If_This_Was_A_Movie

Plot Twist:  You wake up skinny, beautiful, intelligent, and everyone loves you.

my entire life is just a test to see if i'll commit suicide or homicide first. 

 Hug People, Not Toilet Bowls 
Me In On Witty. 
Been There, Faved That 
When you cheat, do it on a paper, not your partner.
today is my birthday c: hope i live for another 88 years to have it happen again :)


just because i don't start
the conversation, doesn't mean i'm not dying to speak to you.

I'm  Just  A  Cupcake , L ookin
For a Stud Muffin.

What is life?
I concoction of mixed emotions
Pulling us toward one notion
That of happiness Im sure
It’s the only thing to look for
But is it just a mind game made up from nothing?
We respond to the positive
Fear the negative
But where does it come from?
I cant tell if im real or alive in this cave, of imagination
Because the mind is one tricky slave, no indication