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Hey, I'm Haleigh and I'm 15. My boyfriends name is Zac and I really hope he stays around for a while to always make me laugh :). My very best friend is emma and I hope it stays that way because this girl is my sister and when we hang out together its like I've never had a worry in the world. I have a couple other friends who are filled with awesome sauce, Katherine and Joey. When all of us get together you better be prepared for things to get weird!
 Life can get rough sometimes but I always somehow manage through it. I like to think I'm funny but, well, you never know. Sarcasm is what I'm made of and I think id die if I couldn't share my words of wisdom with everyone. I'm like a fortune cookie, I'm not gonna lie. Hmmm, I love to write and am currently working on two major books right now so hopefully you'll see my name printed in your favorite book sometime soon. I also sing. Not very good, but it happens and I wont suppress the angelic melody that is my voice. Or not. I'm really into alternative rock and some of my fav bands are Flyleaf, Paramore, Skillet, and Rise against. So yup, this is me. You either like me or you don't.

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But somehow its those scars that give me strength
And the best part is, it's as wonderful as I imagined
Dear you,

You put other guys to shame,

Sincerely, your seriously lucky girlfriend
I'm glad you finally saw through me :)
Dear Him, It would be fantastic if you could see the girl standing right in front of you. Sincerely, Friendzoned
They say if you smile, it triggers the happy hormone in your brain even if you're sad.

Why isn't it working?
And alone she fell

My best friend just got banned from club penguin... CLUB PENGUIN...
Talking is just talking, laughing is just laughing, and crying is just crying, so how can I do all three when talking to you?
The time it takes to find a true friend is almost the time it takes to lose the rest of them