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Ifyoureallyknewme5225's Favorite Quotes

Is it just me

 Or does anyone else      


the new chat on facebook.

The awkward moment  
when Lady GaGa wears something normal.


i failed a spelling test today,
because it asked me how to spell PLAYER so,
put down your name.


Start being nice to your mom,

Because apparently its legal to kill kids now..


Gods way of telling you, you already hae everything you need <3

"that's attractive." 

click the heart if you just said that in a

sarcastic voice[:


Try to say the letter "M"  

Without your lips touching

♥ if you actually tried it(:

Apparently, 1 in 5 people in this world are chinese.

 And there are 5 people in my family, so it must be 1 of them.

It's not me, so it could be my dad, my mom,

my older brother Colin, or my younger brother Hao-Chang-Lee.

But it's probably my brother Colin.

 I don't  want to impress you but..

my bed time is 7:00,
And i go to bed at 7:02.

Admit it.
The year you were born on
your Facebook page is a complete lie. 
Sincerely, I'm pretty sure you're not
born in 1937 & in the same
middle school as me .