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Quotes by ImAddictedToLifeMkai

link me to some
websites for witty layouts :o

I think it has become
obvious that medicine

companies have no idea
what fruit tastes like.

see a bug outside:
"hello mr.bug"

see a bug in your house:
Someone link me to wittys chat?;D
When I hover my mouse over the witty sign in the corner.
It makes me feel dizzy.

format by my bae ethanol

Do you have a bandaid?

because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Jus Joined Twitter!
I need more followers.
If you follow me.
Ill follow you back.

Dear Monday,
I want to break up. 
I'm seeing.

and dreaming about
sincerely, its me, not

Format by Breeze
All the flowers of all the tommorows are in the seeds
of today.

Expect the best,
be prepared for
the worst,
what others
think & do your
own thing.