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Im Sarah♥ My friends mean the world to me.=) UKWYR Myspace: Summer=Love♥ IMVERYRANDOM♥

Quotes by ImAdiva_x3

You make me smile even when I have a crappy day.

Coach Its Not A Brand
Its A LifeStyle♥
Im Bringin
Sexy Back<3
Am i Crazy For Wanting You?
Maybe You Can Want Me too.
&& When I Said Forever
I Meant It.
She Paints on a Smile.
Cause She Dosen`t Want Them To Know
How She Really Feels

Verdana size 8
*make it pretty
Your Cool
Im Cool
So Does That Mean We Are ALL Cool?
Or Just ME?
There`s a party in my pants
Wanna Come?
Tell Me A Lie...
Then Maybe I'd Finally Know The Truth.
Live your Life The Way you Want To.
Don't Let Other People Tell You To Live Your Life Differently.