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Hey I'm Chey K?

I like witty cause most of these quotes are hilarious. Most of my quotes are mine. None of the formats are and it gets annoying saying not my format so, NONE OF THE FORMATS ARE MINE, CREDIT TO WHOEVER. K I got all that done so yep bye. And if your readind this you shoulda left already.

Quotes by ImCheyK

The moment of agony
When you are finally done with your makeup and you realize you still have to take a shower

My alarm clock is just jealous

Of the relation ship I have

With my bed.

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I'm done thinking, you could ever change
knomy heart
wilnevebe the same 
but I'm telling myself, "Ill be okay".

When on May 21st

No one dies

I love you
But I can't tell you


I only get like 12 favorites now. OH WELL ;p

I think he might be close to perfect

notmyformat ♥

And one day,
I wish you would just realize

That I am completely in love with you