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Status: I'm Afraid of Whats Going To Happen.
I Am A Person on Witty, How Cool?! :P Well...I Am 13, Birthday is: Feb 21st I Can't believe that this year, on my 13th ONE DIRECTION ONE A BRIT! OH YEAH! :D I'm Mainly on witty because i LOVE Quotes, And...To Give OUt Advice :] I'm Not Going through Too Much...But There Are Bits About me Which You'll be Shocked About! :[ Here's A Bit About Me: Well... Im A Ordinary 13 Year Old, Im Insecure About My Weight, Yeah...Im a bit Too Skinny For My age. And Im Scared That Oneday...Becoz of My Weight, i Won't Be Here. I'm Afraid Of Everything That Can Happen To Me, Recently In...December I Had a Blood Test Coz Everything in me felt Horrible! The Results Came Out JUST FINE, But Then.. Few Days Ago I Received A Letter From My Docter, Saying I Need To have That Blood Test AGAIN This March:/ You Don't Realise How Scared I Am... Wish Me Luck Witty! ):