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Hiya pal =P:

Charisma,awkward,stupid,differnt,fun,changing,passionate (it's all about fashion♥) Please follow me if:

you saw a celebrity ,you have a stardoll,your just like me,you don't stalk,you like ponys,Your in love with someone,you like my quotes. Also~~~~~~~~ i like one direction, Lana de what's a, J-lo,Nicki minaj,adele,Die Antwoord, Not Beyonce anymore :/,Jennifer Hudson,Kelly Clarkson, 2 chains and then sum.

Put this as your status ! 80% won't post it because they're afraid to be laughed at ; JESUS has said: Deny me in front of people, I will deny you in front of them :)

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Other Children:

Mom: Your Grounded! go to your room!


Mom: Your Grounded go play outside!
Instead of being on facebook,twitter,weebly,wattpad,witty profiles,youtube,mysace and tumblr you can actually learn something that will carry you through life and will teach you new things
If someone tells me i'm dirty minded

How did they understand what i met?
     When some one gives me the  middle finger

Me: Nice thumbs up....but i think you use that end one.....yeah...just remember that next time..ok yah
That fairly Odd parents episode where Vicky kidnaps and forces marriage to Chip Skylark is what I would've done if it was One Direction........
When I laugh it sound like I'm crying
Me on the last day of school: FUHK YOU,AND YOU ,YOU'RE COOL.., AND YOU. I'M OUT

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!

Question to discuss:
do you like one direction?

Stranger 2: Yes

Stranger 2: its my favorite band of all time

Stranger 1: I like North.

Stranger 1: It's the all-defining direction.

Stranger 2: they are so sexy

Stranger 1: I mean, East is arguably also a defining direction,

Stranger 1: but North is more commonly used.

Stranger 2: I dont think you get it

Another Day of knollege 
Equals a step closer to college
I like burping