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Hai children, I'm Shawn.
I'm 16. Born Independence Day, 1995.
Straight & TAKEN. Scarlett 6/27/11 ♥
I was born in Florida, lived there till I was 12 and moved to England.
But I still go to Florida every year ;D.
Music = Life.
I'm a pretty happy chap most of the time :L.
I like playing guitar, singing, playing games and being with my friends.
And yeaah, idk what else to write (:

vv I'm gonna take those pics down some time soon cause I'm fuglayy. >_> XD


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 ^^ I look stoned

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^^ My cat Jynx was grumpy that day :L But he's still sexy ;D



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Where we can't have gay rights, but we're allowed to murder babies.


"Hey, want some updog?"
"What is that?"
"What is what?"
"What about it?"
"What is it?"
"What is what?"
"Nothing much, what about you? :D"

Fave if you get it.


The Birth of a Candy Bar
One Payday, Mr Goodbar wanted a Bit-O-Honey so he took Miss Hershey's to Downtown next to the corner of Main and 5th Avenue. He began to feel her Mounds with his Butterfinger that was pure Almond Joy. It made her Tootsie Roll and he let out a Snickers and she screamed Oh Henry!, you are even better than the 3 Musketeers! Soon she became Chunky and 9 months later Baby Ruth was born.


Today is my 16th birthday.
And I'm back home in Florida for a week (I moved to England when I was 12) to celebrate my birthday.

Happy Independence Day. <3

Wanna see the cutest video ever?

One of my goals in life:
To find a grave that says "Died because they didn't pass on a chain message." (:

Is it normal that my stomach does a flip whenever I'm near her? <3
- Shawn

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