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Hey guys!!! Im 15 and I'm a  Kiwi!

Ask me anything, feel comfortable I have good ears if you need  me to listen or a way with words if you need me to talk. If you ever need help I'm here. <3 
I NORMALLY POST WHAT I LIKE ... so if you have a problem with this, you know what to do...
Also... All of my love goes out to the people with scoliosis, I have it and I am here for you if you ever need anything!

Luv ya all

Quotes by ImPrettyJustNotBeautiful

Dear Dracula,

Remember that night a few years ago? Well you have a son.

His name is Edward.

Little boy: Mummy is god a girl or a boy?

Mummy: Why god is both girl and boy

Little boy: Mummy is god black or white?

Mummy: Why god is both black and white

Little boy: Mummy is god gay or straight?

Mummy: Why god is both gay and strait

Little boy: Mummy is god Michael Jackson?

* I don't mean to insult anybody*
Any other fourteen year olds going trick or treating tomorrow?
"... I can point names and name fingers!"

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I don't know where
I stand with you.
And I don't know
what I mean to you.
All I know that every time
I think of you,
all I want to do is
be with you.

Remember, every time you guess, a puppy dies...
Go to the dept. store,
buy a pair of shoes
Male                        Female
Time: 10mins           Time: 3hrs 42mins
Cost: $30                 Cost: $572

It's all fun and games...

Until someone gets a papercut :(

I stole a cookie from the cookie jar...

Did anyone else just flash back to a camp when you were young?

Things to do today:

1. Get up
2. Survive
3. Go back to bed