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My name is Cory, I am 15, and if you want to talk just leave a comment :) 
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Guys, can we just take a moment to appreciate that

my favorite youtuber is the same age as me and lives

in the same state a few towns over



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I find it kind of funny that the moments
 in which we are at our lowest,
   we feel the most human.

Adam is
still in

Hello I have put up some of my poems on wattpad and would really appricate it if someone would read them because I woud really like some feedback 

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like tumblr.

Stranger: ok


Stranger: here we are

Stranger: idk what to tell you babe

You: i just dont know what to do because i cant even blog about it

Stranger: sleep it off

Stranger: sleep the pain away

You: yeah sleep i forgot about it because its been so long since i had any

Stranger: cause of all the blogging huh

You: yeah there are just so many good posts

Stranger: tell me about it

You: i tell myself only one more but then i just keep blogging

Stranger: i never pee anymore because i can't stop scrolling

Stranger: my bladder is the size of a beach ball

Stranger: doctors are telling me i have to stop but i can't

You: same here i never leave my computer

You: i never leave my computer because i cant leave my computer

Stranger: i could never do that to my poor compy

Stranger: he would cry

Stranger: i can't let him cry can i

You: no, which is why we must never leave the computer

Stranger: ok ilu

Stranger has disconnected.


If anyone is interested I posted a new youtube video on why i love summer so if you have nothing else going on i would really like you to watch it 
Sorry for the self promotion 

I used to lie in bed and pull the covers over my head,
To hide from the monsters under my bed,
I'm still hiding under the covers,
The feeling of fear still hovers,
But the monsters are more deranged,
They have been interchanged,
For now they are real,
Makeing wounds that wont  heal,
In the world we live in today.