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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Hello Beautiful~
My name's Alicia Rene.
I blow out the candles on February 19th, 1997.
I'm a freshman in high school & its been crazy.
I live in New York on Long Island. 
Soccer is my passion & my goal is to play soccer in college.
Music makes me better;
without music i would be driven mad.
I've been serching for a decent guy because where i live;
all the guys are assholes.
But, enough about me,
I am here for ANY witty girl; talk to me
I'm always looking for a new friend
You are all beautiful people; trust me
i love you all<3;
Turns out freedom ain't nothing but missin you~


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R.I.P FramingMatthew

Thank you for being such an inspiration to all us wittians. I think i can speak for all of us when i say you definitely made an impact on each one of our lives. You taught us that some of us have it better than we think & to live everyday like its your last. Thank you for joining witty and you definitely saved lives on this website.♥
That moment when you realize
Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel
that lives underwater

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My grandma just passed away
She was my best friend
She died because of lung cancer & brain cancer.
For a year she stuggled to do things.
She was the strongest person I have ever met.
For the last 3 months she could barely walk, never ate and was in pain 24/7.
A couple weeks ago i sat down in her bed & i talked to her.
She said "Babygirl the only things that are keeping me alive are those pills
& a little bit of faith."
My cousin was pregnant with her great grandson.
He was born November 29th.
He's the most perfect baby I've ever seen.
She was so excited to see him.
As soon as they came home with him, they placed him in her arm.
It was such a beautiful moment
& she knew that once she got to see him, it was time to go.
I'm said to see her leave, but she's in a better place & in no more pain.
She is reunited with my grandpa who died 3 years ago.

I miss them so much. 


Fave if your over him
Comment his name if you're not~


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If you've ever been called


put this as your quote


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 Confidence is a stain
they can't wipe off

between all the mind games, lies & seduction 
felfor you 
& somewhere between all the
broken promises, manipulation & heartaches

I got over you
But, i guess i fibbed a few times too
Remember all those times i swore i needed you?
Well Consider them lies, because baby

here am with you
& I survived 

& i pay these people,

with a reality check
.-Lil Wayne;*

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I search but never find,
Hurt but never cry 
I work & forever try<3
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