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This is Iluvudaniella aka Daniella hacking your account. c: Kate, I love you so fucking much; you're the most prettiest girl ever. Everyone I think you should all know that Kate is really the most sweetest person ever. I mean if you have her as a friend, or a follower you should be glad. When you guys are sad this girl can make your whole day better. <3 That's how amazing she is.
This is coming out from my words Kate:
Kate, I love you so fucking much. You're a best friend, a sister. Even if I say those words I try my hardest to put it in so much meanings. You deserve everthing in this whole world, and I really can't live without you. You always make my day and I know I don't come online as much but I'm really sorry. I love our stupid conversations. It makes a perfect picture for us to know that we'll be best friends forever. You know I really wish we met in person it would be the greatest. And ohboy, if I saw you in person you would be the prettiest person everr. Like if your personality is so charming to people than maybe you're beautiful. And ohgosh you would also be the most adorable person ever without makeup. That's the thing if I saw you without makeup I'd be jealous I mean I wish I had natural beauties, but I don't so who cares. You're the definition of perfect. I love you with everything I got, Kate. Your best friend~ Daniella aka Iluvudaniella. :*

don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

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