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Sup I'm Montana. 15 years of age.I have a lot of issues. I love to talk. I will make you my friend. All i want is love this summer. I love penguins they are my babies. i love everything but frogs i hate frogs. If you wanna text or call just tell me. if you need anything just ask i'm not taken anymore you can have the hoêMy favorite colors orange, 
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get to it.


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This accurately depicts me trying to say hello to the hot girl I sat next to during English today.Seeing all those thread about Snooki’s child..Going back to school.When my computer says I’m connected to the internet but nothing will load.Penguin slap - Profile Counters
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Mikey smith on YouTube is so cute anyway.
I really don't understand how people like me. Are they stupid? 💁
Smiles are like band aids, the cover the pain but it still hurts.
I'm a freshman. This sucks.
Maybe i like you, but maybe i don't.
 Happiness is hard to find.
" A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new. "
                                                                                             - Albert Einstein 
Why can't someone look at me the same way i look at pizza?
Getting nervous before meeting your teachers
it's just a slice, when cutting pizza.
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