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Hey Guys :) I'm Tori and I am sixteen going on seventeen (my birthdays soon, yo. December 19th!) Anyway, I try really hard to be nice to everyone, because you don't know people's stories. I'm an ex-cutter/ suicidal thinker, so I kind of understand where people that are cutters are coming from. I have two sisters, and I'm the youngest...which I kind of hate, but oh well :). I'm not very religious, I believe in a god, but I'm open to other peoples religious beliefts. If we all just were mature about religion a lot of stupid stuff wouldn't have occured. I am bisexual, but that doesn't define who I am, it helps to describe me. <3 If you want to know something about me, please ask. I believe if people ask questions about things they don't understand, things will be better in this world.
<3 Tori

Quotes by Im__bringing__Tori_baCk

No one knows what it's like to love her.

I'm so lonley. All of the time.
I love him. Or at least I think I do.
But I want to go public as being bi.
He does not want me to do that.
I just want to be me.
I want to date a girl.
I'm lost, I'm confused
I'm broken
that cute moment when you forget its your anniversery and your boyfriend remembers <333

lol jk. We both forgot :))

its my birthday :)
I'm 17 :D
myboyfriend: "I think if I had boobs and they hurt I would want to kill myself. Like why does such a good thing such as boobs have to have complications?" <3

we were best friends.
             for years.
we talked every day.
             for hours.
we loved each other.
             forever and always.

forever ended too early...


him: you make my life not only bearable but meaningful :)

It's too cliche, I won't say I'm in love

I used to love this website because everyone accepted me.
Now everyone bullies one another.

Am I next?

Commercial: Isn't she gorgous?
Him: (stairing at me) Yes she is <3
I'm taller than him.
It's cute <3