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Quotes by Im_not_that_girl

How I remember to take a breath after looking at YOU is beyond me...
I was given a tiny bite of the most delicious, most addictive cheesecake in the world, and then told to sit in a chair and not move from that spot while staring at the cheesecake. Every now and then I'm given a nibble, but the rest of the time I'm staring at something I'll never really have. That's what loving you is like.

Under the street light dancing with herself she’s waiting for someone to help her love herself.  

I love you still, which is pathetic on my part. Nothing has changed, we’re still just friends, but you’ll always have my heart.

Now you say you didn’t want to hurt me, and that you feel bad you did. I told you that I’d be okay, and you didn’t see the words I hid.

You told me you liked me but didn’t want to lose me as a friend—what’s the point of saying it if it only hurts me in the end?

I'm ready to try love again, but I'm tired of falling alone.
It's getting harder and harder to hold back the words that I want to shout every time I see you--I Love You-- but I've learned to bite my tongue and hold it inside at the pain of my heart because you don't think of me like that.

You promised that HE would never come between us. You shouldn't have promised me something so easily broken.

Ten fingers, ten toes; two ears, one nose; last time I checked I was all here. So why do you keep looking past me as if I'm Invisible?