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Hey! Don't know what to write here . Here's a little bit bout me : 

- JUSTIN DREW BIEBER is the most amazing guy in the world!
- I'm In love with ONEDIRECTION!, They're all amazing .
-Dubstep, Skrillex, 3Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Hedley, Mariana'sTrench, Simple Plan, Rise Against . <3 and soooo many more.
-Music . is my life .
- I have NO idea. what i'd do without my family,& friends.
-I really waant a witty family . (:
-Ask me anything else you want to know about me. I'll answer it truthfully . 

  - Follow me and I'll follow you back - (; 

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Anonymous asked: Steve, why don't we have the "Vent" category anymore? I came to Witty so I could vent... now I have to put something that has been bugging me under "Story" or something else. :/


This questions gets asked about every five minutes so I’ll answer it again. There is no more vent category because Witty Profiles was not designed to be a database of people complaining. Witty Profiles was designed to be a database of funny and inspirational, WITTY quotations. Try to turn your vents into funny, romantic, inspirational passages and assign them to the appropriate category. Instead of streaming your emotions directly to the screen, think about them and put them into creative words someone else might want to read over and over again.

I agree with Steve on this one.

I want a relationship

Like the one in Taylor Swift's
music video

"You Belong with Me"



You guys do realize that if there was a Witty app, Most likely everyone who has an ipod on Witty will get it. Possibly making it one of the "Top apps" for the week. Then, Everyone who you don't want to know about Witty, will probably know. But ya. Go ahead. Keep asking for an app.

I LOVE the new Witty already!(:
Thank you Steve.

For Everything. (:

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Hey Witty,
guess what ?

Maybe if you got off your computer for more then 5 hours, and went out, Maybe, just maybe, You wouldn't be "Forever Alone"

*just a suggestion..*


I'm seriously

 going to be SO mad if I see people complaining about the new changes Steve has made to Witty. He has most likely worked really hard on these, and the least we can do is thank him .

For everything


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S omeday, You're going to reali ze
How much I care about you. & Sadly.

 It 's going to be too late.   


My Quote, Not my Format


Delivered my life would be

-not my format-

When I ask you to listen to a song, it's because the lyrics mean everything I'm trying to say to you. 


Dear Haters;

Complaining about all the One Direction & Justin Bieber quotes is not going to make us stop writing them .

Sincerely; Directioners & Beliebers (: