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If we spread a little love we'll never die ~Havana Brown
Hey!Thanks for coming to my profile please take some time to read my fanfic and give me some feedback :) Ok, so now onto stuff about me..................
I live in Australia! We may not have snow but we have heaps of sun and beaches! Italian ;) anyone else?Melbourne Victory!
I love to peform.Im a shy girl during class but when Im on stage I become someone completely diffrent. I have been dancing sine I was 3 and I love it so much.I found out I liked to act when i was 8 . I'm hopefully doing acting lessons next year! I like to sing I dont think Im that great dispite the some of the lovely comments I get.
Music. I listen to al types of music and I enjoy it when Im happy and understand the lyrics when Im sad.
I love Fashion! Everyone who knows me knows I take pride in my apperance and I think that comes from my mum. I love fashion!
I love animals and i believe that the horrible things that are happening to animals should be stopped and the people shoud be punished.
Catholic <3
Thankyou beautiful for coming to my page and LWWY! 
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More Than A Crush
Chapter 2

Ariana's P.O.V
I watched as sweaty people were dancing practically on top of eachother. I hated going to clubs. I mean whats fun about it? Seeing drunk and sweaty people and those girls. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and I was soon facing a cute boy with the most amazing brown eyes ever.I instantly turned red. "Why aren't you dancing?" He asked with a dazzaling smile forming on his face. I smiled back, " I dont really dig the atmosphere." He grabbed my hand. "Come with me!" He said with his adorable  Brittish accent. Boy, I could get used to listing to that all day! I was about to say something but I decided to just go with the flow, so to speak. He started to dance but I had no idea what to do. "Here do this," He said and showed me a dance move. Like a sheep I followed. In the end it turned out as a big laughing fest. We finally walked off the dance floor into a lounge area where noone seems to be at. I sat down, "Now, whats your name?"  He laughed. "All this time we didnt know eachothers names! Im Liam." He smiled. Wait a second. I knew him- the whole world did.
Hope you like it! Its fun writing it.Bit of a boring chapter but the next one will be better.

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Look at  me, the memories turn to dust........... theres only one explination , I was never in love it was just a crush

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When The wind is blowing
through your hair and you pretend your a model

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Hi, Im just a girl. I mess up most of the time and get things right sometimes. I may not be perfect but I'm not fake either. I try my hardest to look pretty everyday even if I already am. But there is this one girl, shes just amazing, the most beautiful girl in the world and shes reading this now.

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my quote

Is It only me? #3
Is it only me who allways touches my nail polish to see if it's dry and then ending up messing it up?

More Than A Crush
Chapter 2

Colette's P.O.V
I Walked around the whole perimiter of club searching for my friends. How many times did this have to happen? And it allways happens to me! I searched for an empty seat that didnt have bottles or crazy people around it. Eventually I found a seat and I sat my self down. 'Maybe,' I thought,'Just maybe they will find me.' In this situation I always had to walk home or call them. I could walk home but it was London. I only got here a week ago. And there was no use calling Jen up, she would be laughing with some random or with the girls. I looked around and I saw a cute boy looking my way.
Zayn's P.O.V
She looked my way so I quickly looked away. She was pretty cute. Louis came up next to me,
"Who are you looking at?" He said playfully.
"No-one." I repiled bluntly.
Louis just raised his eyebrows.
"Fine! That girl in the blu dress over there.She's sitting down."
Louis pushed me forward. "Go!Make a move!"
I would look wierd if I walked back so I decied I'd sit with her.
I saw her look at me as I walked over to her. I sat down and she just smiled. She was tall and had amazing brown eyes. We sat there in an akward silence for a while but I decided to talk.
"Hi, my name's Zayn. Whats yours?"
"Im Colette." She said with an Australian accent.
I was suprised she didnt look like she was Australian she looked, European.
Colette just laughed. "Im from Australia."
"You dont really look it though."
"Well, I am Italian."
I nodded. Niall would like her - nice home cooked Italian meals.
Just as I was about to say something more my phine buzzed.
"Im so sorry, I have to go."
"Thats fine. I should probably see where my friends are too.Nice meeting you. Maybe we'll bump into eachother around town?" Colette said. I actually quite liked her accent. I was sweet.
"Nice meeting you too." I said as I got up to find the boys.
"Have a good night Zayn!" I heard her call after me as I walked away. Hope fully, I would see her again.
Hope you like it! Its fun writing it.Bit of a boring chapter but the next one will be better.

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When you trip down the stairs and your whole life flashes past your eyes
feel free to use

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I belive in world peace, I believe in


But most of all I believe in you


Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars? Cuz I could really use a wish right    now......................

If the music's too loud= You're too old.

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