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my picture shows my culture

Quotes by ☞Eman☜*

كُنْ حِصْناً مَنيعاً لا يُهدَم
Love is a language that can only be understood by eyes
وَدَاعاً لِمَنْ فارقُوا حَيَاتَنَا ..لَسْنا نَحْنُ مَنْ خَسرناهُم، بَلْ هُمْ خَسِرونا Farewell to those who left our lives .. We are not the ones who lost them, but rather they lost us
Love without marriage means nothing حُب بلا زواج لا يعني شيء
We can not ignore the past if it affects the present and the future
It does not affect how long I will live and when I will die. I will see at a moment that my life did not exceed a second What is important is achievement in life because life races against us and time ⏳⌛reverses us in the direction
We are created from dirt and then buried in cemeteries and back where we came from, which is dirt

I am not a demon nor an angel
I am human
I own many enemies and I am the first enemy of myself
My heart needs a babysitter for it to prevent it from the cruelty of the world
But 😕
I will not allow him to become much good
Liar who said he does not love كاذِبٌ مَنْ قالَ أَنَّهُ لا يحِب💑
👉My teacher told me about friends: Whoever enters life easily and quickly gets out of it easily, do not give a person more size than he deserves👈

أُحبُّ رَسولَ الله عيسى
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