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my picture shows my culture

Quotes by ☞Eman☜*

It is hard for many things to exceed the heart
while love penetrates it
The homeland does not have to be a big land, it may be a very small area with borders on both shoulders.
ًكُنْ حَليفَ نَفْسِكَ فَإنَّهمُ لَيْسُوا الا عدما
My mother:Learning journey is such a long one
Me:I decided to halt my journey

I think that it is the only one journey that everyone wouldn't continue it

هلُمَّ نستقي العلمَ و إن كانت سقياه مرة ، فإن مرارة العلم ليست إلّا شفاء للعقل و قتل لجهل يحاولُ التعمُّقَ بِثنايا العقل
We are the missed chances that won't be repeated again
My place is not on the mountains
but either the high sky
bottom is not existed for me
Maybe you are very strong and your heart is very rough but love can change everything after occupating your heart
و أذل نفسي من العلم خشية أن تذل من الجهل
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