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Quotes by ☞Eman☜*

Did you know that Jericho, located in the Levant - Middle East - Palestine is the oldest city in history?
إن كنت تريد أن تعلم ما إذا كنت أحبك أو لا، لا تسألني لأنه ليس لدي جواب، اسأل قلبي

If you want to know if I love you or not, do not ask me because I have no answer . Ask my heart
عَيْناكَ قاتِلَتان إنَّها تَعْرِفُ كَيْفَ تَصيدُ القلوبَ بِسَهْمٍ واحِدٍ وَ لِأوَّلِ مَرَّةو إنِّي لَأظُنُّ أنَّ الحبَّ شَرُّ مُعَذِّب ⚪⚫🔴🔵⚪⚫🔴🔵⚪⚫🔴🔵 Your eyes are killers .Your eyes know how to hunt hearts with one arrow for the first time💘 and I suppose that love is a tormented evil
Only a smart and affectionate teacher can influence
his students and direct them to the right paths.
⏺Losing does not mean defeat, but rather a new beginning
كُنْ حِصْناً مَنيعاً لا يُهدَم
Love is a language that can only be understood by eyes
وَدَاعاً لِمَنْ فارقُوا حَيَاتَنَا ..لَسْنا نَحْنُ مَنْ خَسرناهُم، بَلْ هُمْ خَسِرونا Farewell to those who left our lives .. We are not the ones who lost them, but rather they lost us
Love without marriage means nothing حُب بلا زواج لا يعني شيء
We can not ignore the past if it affects the present and the future
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