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I am still immersed in my thoughts of what happened after my visit to the psychiatric hospital. When we entered the acute care unit, one of the patients -called H- said, with sadness in his eyes mixed with willpower and hope: Why don't you enter, we are not crazy, we will not kill you. I did not look upon him or any of the patients with pity as my colleagues did. We talked with all the patients , some of them admitted that they were sick, and some of them denied. However, the young H said: I am mentally ill, not crazy, I used to suffer from schizophrenia and now I am bipolar, I was studying engineering, but I did not finish my studies because of the disease. We left the section he was in, he kept looking through the glass and his eyes tried to resist sadness with courage, but his eyes deceived him. Yesterday 18.03.2023
"My heart is upon you because of the temptation in your hands that took me from you and did not return me to you"
My Palestine, I am still amazed by the beauty of your green mountains. Your air is gentle, even your angry winds are a breeze. Your love slapped me in the heart. My green village, I left you against my will, today I live in refugee camp, I know that my body is far from you, but I left my heart in you, and does a person abandon his heart?! Today I am dead, and how can a person live without a heart?!! I can't live without you mom!
لَيْتَ بَعْضَهُمْ يَخْرُجُ مِنْ مَقَابِرِ الحُبِّ؛ إِنَّ مَقَابِرَ ُالحُبِّ مَظَالِم
Human mind is very smart. Einstein with his sharp intelligence used only 6% of his mind
It is possible to find a cure for all diseases, except for one thing, which is aging. Each cell in the body in general is allowed to divide 50-70 times, and with each division the length of the chromosome decreases(specifically the telomeres).
What is happening in the world? The world must have noticed the changes in the Arab countries. Its buildings have become very tall and beautiful. Even rain and snow began to fall on its lands to become green. The Prophet of God, Muhammad, who said that the Hour(end of the world )will not come until the lands of Arabia return to life and rivers, was right. Saudi Arabia is turning green and Europe is now desertifying. In the future, the destination of the future will be the land of the Arabs
If Darwin's theory were correct, we would now be superhumans or gods.
تُجْزِمُ الأَقدارُ وُقوعَها لا مَحالَةَ فارضَ بِحُكْمِ رَبِّكَ
Ignorance is an enemy, so beware of it
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