Status: les miserables is the single most beautiful creation ever.
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I'm Jenna.

8th grader.
Volleyball is my passion, writing is my obsession, music is my life, fandoms are my everything, and Jesus is my savior.

Ed Sheeran, One Direction, OneRepublic, Owl City, and Conor Maynard are my main fandoms, but i loveeee so many other bands it's scary.

I suck at bios...I'm way cooler if you talk to me.
Jk I'm awkward a f.

So. Um. Yeahhh.

Twitter: @Its_Jennaa
Wattpad (1D fics): @1D_4life32
I hate all of my usernames and yeah.

Quotes by Imjustme32

I'm not wanted anywhere.

i have all these words, just floating around in my head.

i know that if i can just piece them together, it would create something beautiful, a masterpiece.

but, when i try, nothing happens.

i'm forever stuck with knowing i can do something incredible, but having it just out of my reach.

everybody dreams in color, but i see in black and white.

Please tell
me someone else
is absolutely obessed with galaxy print...
Guess what. . .

my birthday is today.

how do you change your background with new witty...?

goodbye apathy,
so long fancy free


ugly scars and empty stomach.

i really really really really really hate people ok.
Tumblr is down.
maybe now people will actually start to write original quotes.
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