Status: What kind of status do you mean? Status as in 'Whats on your mind?' status or status as in 'Single, in a relationship, Complicated' statuts?
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Wittians On the East Coast

Oh the weater outside is frightful,
but the Internet is so delightful
Since we've no place to go
let it scroll let scroll let it scroll
Oh it doesn't show signs of stopping
But my dear, we're still reblogging
Since there's nowhere we'd rather go
let us scroll let us scroll let us scroll



Life's too short to even care at all. 

Me and my internet.
Still a better a love story than Twilight.

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

Your Crush is in a relationship with You
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You wish right..? Yeah. Me too. 

Teacher: We are going to watch a movie today.
Class: YES!!!
Teacher: I also have a worksheet to go along with it.
Class: NO!!!
Adding your name to a list doesn't help stop bullying.
I don't think people don't understand why I hate talking in class.
It's because I cannot stand being wrong. I feel like I'm stupid if I get something wrong. I over analyze what people think if I had something wrong. I beat myself up over it for days. So, I just go with the easy solution. Not talking.


I wanted to write an inspirational quote to make some of the sad people on here feel a little bit better.

Unfortunately, I can't write inspirational quotes.

But I can offer up a piece of advice.

When you feel sad, be a llama.

Because llamas are completely chilled out. They're just like, "Wassup, I'm a llama. Have a nice day." 

Because you is kind, you is special, and you is important.