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Okay,  i'll actually write about myself. Well no actually... Jorja is writing this because i don't know what to say. :DD
Well, this amazing girl's name is Imogen. She's a mature 12 year old who loves the colour green. She's on facebook like 24/7 because she's a freak. Ahahah. :) She has one sister & two brothers. But we swear one of her brothers is a girl, lmfao. (Personal Joke.) She has LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG HAAAIIIIRRRR. Yes, super long. :) She always talks LOUD AS! And too much aswell.
But, she has interesting stuff to say i guess? :D Hahah. She is partly italian. So yep you bet she loves food! But no, she isn't fat. She's a skinny biiitcch. :D Meow. Ha, she makes random sounds. And she has a bunch of personal jokes. ♥
Well, I'm not typing anymore about this amazing girl because i cbf. Hah, lazy much? :)
Anyway, favourite her quotes and talk to her yeah? :D

Friends, they mean
the world to me!

Jorja  Perri  Tash Courts
Kate Vanessa Aimee Brylie   Dakota

Haha, hello imogen. :) It's Jorja here. Now, see that box over there.
<----- I'm the most important. Meow. ♥ Ha, anyway. I kind of hacked you to say 4 words.
I love you. MACHETE!
Oooh yeah, whatta song!
Okay well, i'm going now.
Remember; Stay in school & succk camel's diccks m'dear. :3
Catch. ♥
Love Him Forever ( L )

Quotes by Imoqeeen

if you tickle my feet i am not responsible for what happens to your face.

If you tickle my feet I'm not  responsible to what happens to your face.

border colours to who ever :|

who is that fat girl?

but she is like pie.






 Have you ever noticed that Bart is f a t ?//*..]



 Colours to who ever o.O


  You know you like him when your,
looking for him every 30 seconds.

&+ you deny it when a friend says you like him.



If love isn't a game, then why are there so many      



In order to be someone,
first you have to be yourself♥



I'm      batman don't  diss  me!

I  don't  have  a  license  to  kill  i  have  a...

" learners  permit " 


Beauty is skin deep that’s why I’m getting…



© Everything is mine(:



Shouldn’t you have a license for being that ugly?




mineeee- writing to who ever?

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