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My friend wants to start her own fashion magazine that uses normal, every day woman as its models. She wants to be a fashion designer who has woman who don't look like they haven't eaten in 7 months walking down the runaway. She wants to promote the idea of beauty as a healthy and happy individual. Not a skeleton with a ghostly complexion and heaps of makeup to cover up their overall sadness. She wants to change society's definition of beauty forever. Help her reach this goal and vote for her to win this scholarship so she can attend fashion school in order to become closer to reaching her goal!
Im That Person That No Ones Likes Im That Kid My Parents Hate Im That Sibling My Brothers Don't Like Im That Person That Never Gets Any Texts Or Replies Im That Person That No One Cares About Im That Person That Has No One To Turn To..
Ask Me Questions(: Comment Your Link And ill Do The Same(:
Im Always Thinking About How Sad It Is That No One Really Accepts Me..
But Then I Think How Do I Want People To Accept Me When I Cant Even Accept Myself..
i Hate It When People Ask Me If I Think Im Pretty Because Whatever I Say Ill Get Judged If I Say No Im An Attention Seeker And If I Say Yes Im Concited..

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i Always Feel Like I Need My Friends More Than They Need Me Like I Know I Only Have Like A Total Of 6 Friends But None Of Them Understand Me.. They Show Me They Dont Care.. They Make Me Feel Unwanted.. It Makes Me Sad Because Id Have Their Backs Over Anything And I Care About Them So Much! Id Do Anything For Them!