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Hey, I'm Taylor. Talk to me(:!/In_My_DayDreams 

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Quotes by InYourDayDreams

Nothing lasts forever,
     not even your problems.

I ain't no hipster,
   but girl I can make your
hips stir.

I want someone I can text 24/7 & never get bored of...

My letter is D (:

something i love: Dandelions

something i hate: Darkness...

something i like: Doughnuts

something i dislike: Ditches. & Dungeons. ?

Favorite for a letter (: 

I've never heard silence quite this loud.   

All the other kids with their
kicks (:
I got the letter: W
Something I like: Whales and Walrus's
Something I don't like:  Whoppers
Something that scares me:  Walmart

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my story.