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don't get attached, because getting attached means falling in love.
and falling in love means getting


why go to school when i can set myself on fire and get the same feeling?


dear followers,

If you still follow me, thanks. I haven't been on in who knows how long, but I'm back. The hiatus is over. Missed you witty.



I'm back from my 10 day trip to Morocco!!!
Sorry for not saying anything in advance.
Doesn't matter though, I came home to a total of 0 notifications!


scared  and   s c a r r e d   are only one letter apart.


seeing a notification, getting excited
realizing it was just you commenting on your own quote.
...forever alone


*sees a firetruck on a rainy day*
Oh, that Adele. When will she learn?


Anyone Else Notice 

That half the top quotes have been reported?
What's going on?

dear Justin Bieber,

congrats. boyfriend was a step in the right direction.

that's the only song of yours that i could bear for over a minute

[[[don't bother commenting beliber cr-p. it will just be deleted]]]


easter ;
The only time when a giant bunny handing
      out colorful eggs is considered normal.

nmf, my quote