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j e s s i c a o s w e g o * i l ( we were in the RoSe BoWl PaRaDe =D ) f r e a s h y t a k e n u m m m y e a h t h a t s i t IM me pleaseeee ooooo and i dont hate lauren anymore!! x3

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i dont wanna say i love you first... b/c im scared that the one day i do will be the day u wake up and relize that you dont love me...and that you wont say i love you back...

idk... think about it tho... =/

i love you mark
(.:*(DoNt TaLk BoUt HeR 2 mY fAcE).:*)
)*:.)CuZ i WaNt 2 TaKe HeR pLaCe(*:.(

y0u can be told that y0ur q0rqeous everryday
nd pe0ple can say y0ur beautiful in every way
but y0u d0n`t believe it -- n0t for one minute x0
cause the boy wh0`s opini0n means the most..
[ ... w0n`t admit it ... ]
durinq the day.. at randOm times
thOuqhts Of yOu fiLl my mind.. and
i picture that smile yOu give me
and i swear fOr that One minute
i can barely breathe

its amazing hOw yOu feel abOut him
whenever yOur arOund him nOthing
else matters..hOw yOur heart stOps
and yOur left breathless and nO
matter hOw many times he breaks
yOur heart he alway's seems tO put
the pieces back tOgether
+bf+ can mean two things
b o y f r i e n d -»the ones
that can hold you forever
and never get t.i.r.e.d....
or..b e s t f r i e n d -»the
ones you can tell all your
secrets and dreams to....
well i guess im pretty lucky
cause i found the
..*....s a m e p e r s o n....*

nE girL can-haVe U-h0ld u-kiSS U-n-pLEaSe U..bUt sHe*w0nT*-SaY wHAt i t0Ld U-mISs U-wANt U-oR nEEd U-aS mUCh aS i dO. sHe caN saY ShEs ThE "0nLyOne" f0r U-buT-i KnO She'LL [N.e.V.e.R] l00k aT U tHe wAy [[i]] dO.
There are no hard feelings. No one To
blame. We`re just two people who
[[ `'* -Dont Feel The Same.- *'` ]]

I'm not special, I never was, never will be.
he just made me believe I was and broke
my heart when he finally realized I wasn't
··× ||` da sun d0nt shiine f0reva ´|| ×··
|| s0 as l0nq as iitSz -» here «- th3n ||
·´¨`× || we miiqht as well shiine || ×´¨`·
··+ (¯`·._) t 0 q e t h e r (_.·´¯) +··
× ||¯` nev3rmiind da weather ´¯|| ×
·· q0 s0mewher3 nD qet 0ur miinds ··
|| t0qeth3r . build a l0ve that`ll laSt ||
··+ (¯`·._) f o r e v e r (_.·´¯) +··
Its heaven when you know there is someone out there who cares about you, who wants listen to your problems & wants to be with you and hold you tight and meant it.
Its heaven knowing he loves you, cares about you, wants to be with you so bad that he would do anything for it. Its heaven knowing he is out there… maybe right under your nose or maybe a little further away.

i made it...
Before I knew you, I had always loved you,
Even as I dreamed of whom I'd love.
My inner picture was a portrait of you
Years before your heart my heart would move.
Vistas of enchantment are but rarely
As we find them in reality.
Love with you is what I dreamed, but really,
Eden as no dream could ever be.
Nor is this the magic of the moment,
The proper costume for the holiday.
In words like these one finds the winnowed ferment,
Not of the desire, but of the way,
Else lost amid the longings of the day.

the first letters say BE MY VALENTINE.
not mine.. but its cute!