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Well I'm Daniel, I'm from Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and I'm 15 years old. What can I really say about myself? er...

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic who games and has a strange interest in history and politics. I hate my family, who can't seem to accept I'm an individual. I'm rather feminine and am called gay at least 20 times a day due to this. I love to imagine and make ideas but find getting them on paper rather difficult.

My style is very important to me, my emo-ish long hair, my black coats, my fingerless gloves, at times I feel I wouldn't be me without my fashion. Despite being one myself, I hate most guys for their insensitivity  and lack of respect of logic, the enviroment and people around them.

My favourite movie is either Kick-Ass or Hot Fuzz. My favourite television series is Code Geass (yeah, I watch anime, what say you). My favourite game is Mass Effect 2.

In terms of music I prefer Alternative Rock. Something that has the right amount of hardcore and emotional. Some of my favourite artists include
RED, 30 Seconds to Mars, A Day to Remember and Paramore. I also secretly listen to Christina Grimmie, but more because she's a celebirty crush...heh.


^ I feel the need to posr my Sex