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Quotes by Ineedhymbak

And the sad thing is you've been moved on for 3 months now...and i cant even think about being with someone else again</3
I count down the days untill i see you...oh boy if you only knew how crazy you make me<3
Baby just tell me theres never gonna be a >you and me<
When i saw you tonight i felt like my whole world was right in front of me walking away...
If i told you how much i still love you would it even matter at all?
I wish just once you would look at me again the way you look at her</3
If your asking if i still love you...Yes, i never stopped
If your asking if I miss you...Yes, every day of my life
If your asking if I'll take you back...No, i can't risk gettin hurt again...</3
When im gone just carry on..dont mourn rejoice everytime you hear the sound of my voice just know that im looking down on you smiling and damn baby dont feel no pain just smile back
Eminem!<3333 aka HOTTEST GUY ALIVE!!!<33333333333333333333
I wish you would hold me one last night and tell me everything was going to be alright.....
Maybe if i DID want you back then ... it doesn't mean i want you now....