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Hello everyone!

Welcome to InjusticeFacts! This profile was created simply to make more people aware of the injustice occuring throughout the world. The facts are taken from a twitter website of the same name, and the credit of each fact goes to them. The link to the twitter account can be found below. I am not responsible for the twitter account, I just wanted to raise awareness and realised that wittyprofiles is a great place to do so. I can't confirm that every fact is 100% true so I'll just encourage you to research them more thoroughly, something I will also be doing. If any 'fact' turns out to be false, tell me so that I can delete it. I'm going to try to only post facts that are actually true but I might make a mistake here and there.
Some of the facts posted here are not from the twitter website. They are facts that I have looked up myself. I am going to mention that some of these facts, especially the ones about animal cruelty, are kind of hard to read so brace yourself for the worst. However, this is exactly how awareness will be spread and I hope that more people feel inclined to do something against injustice.
You are very welcome to leave any comments or suggestions. Every comment will definitely be replied to. If you do decide to follow this account, leave a comment or something so that I can thank you personally on your profile! Thank you.


"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind!"
  - Bob Marley!/InjusticeFacts

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Quotes by InjusticeFACTS

Injustice Facts:
Kim Kardashian's wedding for a marriage that lasted for
72 days cost $10 million - enough to open up 400
schools for impoverished children in the world.
Injustice Facts:
Heroin production in Afghanistan increased
by 10 times after the U.S. invasion in 2001.
Injustice Facts:
Billionaries continue to donate money to Harvard
even though it already has $32 billion in cash while
other people in the world are starving to death.
Injustice Facts:
To this day, no one in the American government has
apologised to Iraqis for wrongly accusing them
of possessing WMDs.
Injustice Facts:
The capitalist system is so flawed and fragile that the
troubles of a country as small as Greece can
crash the entire global economy.

Injustice Facts:
As you read this, over 27 million people in the world
are being held in bondage and treated like slaves.
Injustice Facts:
Between 50 to 60% of the world's children who
are trafficked into sexual slavery are under 16.