Status: wishing he'd see us as more than just friends...
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So there is this guy... He has a girlfriend which fine, I'll wait till they are over, hope that happens soon, etc. but what do I do when he is kinda flirty with me and his gf happens to be someone I'm kinda sorta friends with??
And now its too late...
He is gone...
4 hours away at college...
Today may be the last time I ever see him...
I loved him...
...but he never knew.

My advice is to be upfront with your feelings because when this day comes for you the heartbreak and unknown will out hurt any rejection you could have felt.
Here's to the first day of my senior year of band camp.
Sometimes I just feel like there is a DARK CLOUD hanging over my life!
Nicholas Sparks really knows how to do romance!
 I could text him constantly, but it's not the same as seeing his adorable face, It's not the same as staring into his gorgeous eyes. It's not the same as holding his hand. Its not the same as teasing and play fighting with him. It's not the same rush I get when he touches me. It's not the same as kissing him would be. Him being so far away will never be the same as having him right next to me for those two days we had together!
Finally finding someone who likes you and then realizing you can't b with because of distance.
I might have had to text him first but he always texts me right back, keeps the conversation going, uses smiley faces in almost every text!!!
Too bad texting is all we can do cause we live over an hour away from each other :(
Sometimes I just look at him and realize that all I want in life is to
This past week seemed like a year in slow motion. My mind was so clouded that I couldn't think. The pain of death was debilitating while the crushing on him and contact with him made me feel high. Never have I had such an emotionally draining time. And yet I still wish it was just a dream...