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Quotes by Inlovewhim

He made me realize why everyone wants love so badly at time when I really needed to be reminded. Even though we were only together for 2 days before we had to go home, I got my first taste at what it felt like to be crazy about someone who wants you as much as you want them.
Not seeing him in a week is really hard! All I want is to kiss him and hold him tight!
His blue eyes melt my soul with their loving intensity!
I just want to be near him, touching him, holding his hand, kissing his lips because I know he'd be my boyfriend if we lived closer to each other.
I should have bought you flowers,
Should've held your hand!
Should've given you all my hours,
When I had the chance!
His hand was making out with my arm!!!
So we were sitting in a dark auditorium and our arms were rubbing up against each other's. I wasn't sure if he was doing it on purpose but then he put his hand on the chair arm and my hand kinda near his and our fingers touched prehaps accidentally? But then he started gently rubbing my fingers with one of his, and it felt so amazing. When the band finished playing so we had to move our hands and clap. I just put arm back hoping for it to be at least against his but instead he just started rubbing and squeezing my arm. Afterwards he asked me and friend to come hang out with him and his friend. My world was made until I remembered that the next day I had to go home and we live an hour away from each other :(
Just my luck, I meet my soul mate at an all state band conference, but at least he only lives an hour away and promised to get together over the summer. 
He is the kinda guy who will text you back promptly that he is busy, apologize, and promise to catcha soon, instead of waiting hours to reply :D <3
That high feeling you get when he texts you back!
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