Status: wishing he'd see us as more than just friends...
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You tend to take everything for granted until you lose a friend you were so close to. Why does it take death to make you start appreciating things?
So today this guy who is a pretty good friend of mine randomly and now that I think of it quite awkwardly asked me if I am going to prom. Without even for a second considering why he asked me this I responded, "naw, I don't really like dances" cause thats the excuse I give everyone for not having a date to prom and therefore not going to prom. Then I realized by the look on his face that he was going to ask me to prom. Ughh I didn't even think about that when I responded to him. F/ck my life!
I'm the kinda girl who doesn't figure out that he broke up with gf until he askes some other girl to prom :l
The other night we had a heart to heart conversation but I couldn't bring myself to tell him how I feel about him.
As we walked we were talking I didn't say half the things I wanted to .
The other day he told me he'd miss me after he graduates this year. <3

My day was made until I realized he'd MISS me and that's all, he must not want to be my boyfriend.
<3=broken :(
He's made it pretty clear to me that all he wants to be is friends...

</3 heart=broken
I'd love to go to homecoming with him but just going and seeing that he isn't with someone else would be enough for me right now.
My crush recently has begun telling me things he likes and dislikes in women. Is this any indication that he likes me????
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