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The other day my crush, who doesn't know I like him, jokingly asked me what I'd do if he became a male cheerleader. He never would cause he hates cheerleaders and I told him I wouldnn't like him anymore. LOL it came out totally wrong. Cause if I didn't like him anymore that means i do like him and so I basically told him I liked him. It was really awkward, but i don't think he caught on.
That Awkward Moment...
when you can't stop staring into his eyes because they are absolutley gorgous!! 
That Awkward Moment...
when you realize your friend is flirting with your crush.
I love it when someone says says that he knows you'll think is funny or something that reminds him of you and you share that adorable glance at each other and it's not even awkward cause you both intended to share the glance. 
That moment when he decides he has touch your leg or shoulder to get your attention. 

but he just meant zipping up my marching band uniform...
He gives AMAZING back rubs!!!
The other day he asked me if I wanted him to do me.

but he just meant zipping up my marching band uniform...
I wouldn't care if you took someone else to Homecoming if I didn't have to be there to see it. </3
Ironic But True:
The Senior Prom King and Queen at my school were both in band.
Ironic But True:
Our School Band is better than our football team.
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