Status: wishing he'd see us as more than just friends...
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Your smile. Your eyes Your lips. Your hair. Your voice. Your laugh. Your hands. Your smirk. Your teasing. Your humour. Your weird faces. The way you walk. The way you talk. The way you look. Your singing. Your dance. Your body.

When that guy who made you smile
                           laughed with.... flirted back and forth,
the one who playfuly teased just suddenly stops an your left there wishing he would hold you in his arms again. 


          not friends.
                        not enemies. just strangers with
                                                                    some memories.


start to forget about you 

& then someone says your name,

or something smells like you

or someone has your smile

and i  lose all thprogress i've  made.


Dear Crush:I've Liked You Since The Moment I Saw you ♥, But IDK Why? I can't explain it Because I Just
Do,But I Bet You Don't Care But I Hope You Do And I 
Hope We Can Talk And Chill Like We Use Too...( /.\ )
I thought
You hated me
But you really thought
"She's amazing"

You thought

I hated you
But I really thought
"He's incredible"

we both thought
"I could never live without you"
but what we meant was
"I couldn't breath without you"

Most guys take their shirts off by grabbing the back of the collar. 
Most girls take their shirts off by crossing their arms in front and grabbing the sides at the bottom. 
Both think the way the other takes off a shirt is pure sexiness. 
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I love you.
Deal with it.
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