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I'm 16!! 

Quotes by InnocenceBoy

The fake laugh you do when you have no idea what the other person said to you!
Screw YOLO!!
It's all about FISH now!
Forget It Sh/t Happens 
"WHY!?!?!" "Because I said so!!" Good one Mum, you should be a lawyer!!
Dear Math, 
I'm sick and tired of finding your X. Just accept the fact that shes gone. MOVE ON DUDE... 
I Like it when you smile, 
but I
Love it when I'm the reason..
Teacher: The test is very easy
Me: Sure it is B/tch, you already know the answers!
I'm not cranky, I just have a violent reaction to stupid people.. 
The awkward moment when..
It isn't actally awkward.. :L