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My name is Georgianna. I've heard I'm good at giving advice so if you ever need any advice feel free to comment me. My quotes I write here are mostly about me, how I feel, things that relate to me, things that relate to others, or just things I come up with. If you'd like to know anything else just comment me.
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Quotes by InspireCreateBecome21

er dreams give her wings~
The amount of love I have for the world's beauty cannot be explained, comprehended, or even fathomed such as the world itself.

Being happy is a choice, choose it.

I really do wonder what guys are more attracted to. Girls who are naturally beautiful or girls who are beautiful with makeup
When an artist has passion in what they are singing, it makes the song better because they believe and feel what they're singing, just as much as you relate to and understand how they're feeling.

It's hard to be strong, but it's just something we've got to do


Honestly I wish I could forget you.
Forget how you strolled right into my life,
Forget how you stole my heart from the start,
Forget how you broke me to pieces,
Forget how I don't matter now
Forget everything.
About the old us.
About you.


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