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Aw, Hewwoo witty! I'm Brittany James. I'm sixteen and in the United Kingdom. I am a average teenager. Full of life, going to parties, having my heart broken.
I had bulimia.  I am much healthier now.
So guys who helped me, I had the worse day yesterday.  I thought I was pregnant.  But that isn't even half right. It said "Negitive"  so I'm really happy. And I told Josh that I thought I was pregnant but I'm not and he punched me in the eye. So yeah. My life...  =ovverrrr.

I can't believe him. I'm sitting here with a fucking black eye. So yeah x - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

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Hey You, Stop Scrolling! 
I bet you have heard this before, but here I am, putting it in my own words. Your all beautiful, whether you think that is right or wrong. Your unique and indivual. No one is identical, even if you have a twin. Your amazing in your own way.

You have flaws, maybe a big nose? Stringy hair? They are not just flaws, honey, these are your personality.
You have millions of people who care, even if you don't know it. 

Your uniquly brilliant. And you know it x
Don't  let haters bring you down, they are just insecure so they reflect it on you. Your amazing, honest to god.
I am not saying this for faves, it's the honest truth so: 

I only wish you listen. Because it means alot.
Believe in yourslelf.
You have your whole life to look forward too x

Story format:

Written By Brittany James
Chapter One <3

"Shannon, pass me the rubber." I shouted across the table, in maths.
She wasn't looking, she was daydreaming at the new guy Anthony.
"SHANNON!" I screamed.
She snapped out, and looked at me "What?"
"Come here." I whispered. She rolled her eyes sarcastically.
"What?" She tenderly whispered, tip toeing to the desk.
"I called dibs on him." I laughed, a little too loud so I disrubted the teachers working.
"What are you doing up, Shannon James?" Mrs Berry snipped.
"Umm...It was.." She began, until I kicked her.
"It was my fault Ma'm. I got her over here" I  said bravely. She raised her eyebrow and then went back to work.
"Thanks." She said.
I got back to work.
'Ring' the bell bellowed. I felt a relief of freedom rush through me.
"Come here" I shouted, calling for shannon.
"I want Anthony." She moaned outside.
"I called dibs on him, besides, he keeps staring at me. Ask him out for me?"
She sighed. "Okay, Whatever."
I waited, biting my nails. She came back, looking glum. "He said yeah." She sighed.
I cheered and hugged her "Come on,  be happy!!"I demaded, pulling her to the tolets.
"Yay!" She said sacastically.

~The next day~
"Hey Crimson, you look great." Anthony hugged me.
I smiled with pride. "Thanks, You look hot aswell." I  blushed.
He laughed.
"I gotta go to shannon, see you later."
His smile turned horribly envy-like.
"No.  You-stay-here. With me. Not that ugly Shannon girl." He gritted  his teeth.
I could see he wasn't joking.
"Yes, Yes Anthony, I need to-Umm...nevermind."I stuttered.
"Your not, scared of me, are you." He smiled.
"Of course not, Anthony."
He grabbed me by my sholders and came close."Don't lie B'#@h."
I gulped. I pulled away, hiding my tears.
"Lets go, and get somthing to eat. Yum!" He laughed, forgeting everything.
But his eyes still showed

His Anger

Sorry, it's really boring. NOT a good first impression.
But what do you think?
I don't want faves out ofpity on this. These series aren't  for faves, this is a passion I would like to share. So please give me feedback.
Want Notifacations.
I can always do it by text.
I don't have facebook, msn or anything like that, my sister can give you notifacations through MSN. So yeah, let me know.
Love you lots x

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FAVE IF you hate witty.

Type chairs into the comments, so when people click comments they think "What the hell!"  I want people to ask what the hell is that. And plus I want lots of comments x Please? Now I will make up a random centence. Type chairs into the comment box..

I can't  believe your gone.

Lets see how many people highlight.
Story format:

Written By Brittany James

No-one knew my story. Yet they eased to judge. No-one knew my reasons. Yet they watched me cry. No-one knew anything, No-one knew me.

 I wasn't your typicial teenager. I was much, much more.
I had a secret. A deep, enchanting one. Somthing no-one could find out.
Or so I thought.

My name is Crimson Goth,  and  I was murdered on the 22nd of febuary 2002.

I spend all my days alone.
My mother is clueless. She just goes along with my lonlieness.
She doesn't understand.
No friends, No family.
My mother is my ONLY one.
But she doesn't care. 
She takes the whole world for granted. She takes life for granted. I didn't.
I always knew my life was in danger. Badly in danger.
From that one, day.

 I used to have friends, believe it or not. I even had a best friend. Maybe even two. I had a boyfriend,  and thats where the problem began.
"Anthony, I think we should just stay friends." I told my boyfriend.
"Are you breaking up with me?" He snapped, stepping forward.
"Umm...Yeah. It's just not working. I mean, we should just stay friends. I don't wanna ruin our relationship." I stuttered,biting my nails.
I was actually breaking up with him because he was acting really wierd-clingy. I didn't know how to describe it.
"You can't!" He screamed into my face, pulling me into the school.
I tried to shout, but he covered up my mouth.
He grabbed my hair, and pulled me close. "One day, One day. You'll be sorry, Crimson. One day, your whole life will be gone. One day, I'll get revenge."
I remember those words.
He harrased  me after that. I was speechless. I couldn't tell anyone. I just  kept quite.
I lost all my friends because of him.  He haunted me, playing games with my head. He killed all my family members, all my friends, it was me who was framed, but no-one had proof.
I was next on the list.
And I couldn't Bare it.

Sorry, it's kinda gay. If you don't like being scared, then don't continue to read this chapter.
But what do you think?
I love writing this series. And the ideas are all mine.
I don't mind notifying people so...yeah just ask. >.<
I don't know if I should continue to write this...but tell me if you want to.
Love you lots x

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Fave if you are beautiful

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Fave if you are ugly


I believe, the things a bully judges you on are a reflection of themselfs.
Hello testing

my format!

You Only Live Once;
          Because if you do that right, once will be enough