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goawayanthony*'s Favorite Quotes


You are thirteen.
Your hair is long and brown
and you still wear it braided.
You dress in pink
and write poetry in art class
on paper towels with pink Sharpie.
You think you are wise.
You want to be loved.
You dream of bridges, and flying.

You are fourteen.
You hair is black,
dyed in a river, in a sink, between
your ribs.
You wear black
and draw on all your jeans
with black Sharpie in music class.
You think you are cruel.
You want to be sharper.
You dream of bridges, and falling.

You are fifteen.
our hair is dyed black in a salon
with purple streaks.
You wear chains
and clothes that do not fit.
You write suicide notes on your arms
with black ink in math class.
The teacher calls your parents.
You think you are interesting.
You want to be dead.
You dream of bridges, and sharp rocks below.

You are sixteen.
Your hair is brown again,
loose around your shoulders.
You hide behind long bangs.
You wear clothes that are too big
and gummy bracelets, bunched together
under your sleeves.
You keep your poetry on paper now.
You show your mother what you’ve
Even the cries for help she finds
You think you are no one.
You want to breathe again.
You dream of bridges, and melting wood planks.

You are seventeen.
You wear your hair up,
out of your face,
with pencils stuck in it.
You wear clothes that fit,
thick sweaters, skirts.
You post your poetry online
and make friends who understand.
You write stories about planets
falling in love,
emotions that change
the entire galaxy,
that make it look as if
the sky is blushing.
You think you are healing.
You want to feel again.
You dream of bridges, and letting your sadness jump.

You are eighteen.
Your hair is long and red
and you wear it braided.
You wear dresses,
floral prints,
soft fabrics,
things that make you sigh
and think of sleeping.
You still write on your skin sometimes
but you can control yourself now
and you never write anything
that makes you think of darkness.
You buy expensive journals
and fill them up,
no longer afraid of your words.
You teach yourself languages.
You don’t think of yourself as alone.
You think you will survive.
You know you are right.
You dream of bridges, and what waits on the other side.

to the people who said it was just a phase: you were right. // megan virginia


1. Are you a day or night person?
(Do you play nice with the sun only to keep the moon as your mistress and expect her to keep all your secrets?)

2. Are you going to find it strange that I still like to slow dance even when it’s an uptempo song?
(Are you going to expect me to apologize for wanting to be close to your heartbeat?)

3. Dogs or cats? (Do you need something to love you blindly, unconditionally. Or do you want something that enjoys the chase but once it has you, it sinks it’s claws in and won’t let go without a fight.)

4. Can you handle blood and needles?
(If I put my bleeding heart in your hands, is your stomach going to turn? Are you going to throw it out in the dumpster behind your place, place it up in a glass cage for everybody to gawk at, donate it straight to science and let them poke and prod their utensils at, or are you going to keep it locked up in a puzzle box that only you and I know how to get into.)

5. How good are you at keeping a secret?
(Will you keep the things I mumble drunkenly late at night just between us, but still hold my hand proudly in front of all your friends?)

6. What’s number one on your travel list?
(What if I want to travel the world and I want you by my side in every new city?)

7. And your bucket list?
(Can you be the reason I put a check mark next to ‘epic romance’?)

8. Where do you stand on skydiving?
(How do you handle butterflies taking flight in your stomach and multiplying every time you blink.)

9. Favorite color?
(Is it too cliche to say mine’s the color of your eyes?)

10. Favorite season?
(Are you going to be okay that when summer comes I’ll start missing the cold but when winter sinks it’s teeth in I’ll start craving the sun.)

11. What super power have you always wanted?
(Is there a superhero with the capability to read minds at times like this and also with the ability to zap myself to your side whenever you need it?)

12. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
(Would you believe me if I said all I ever wanted to be was happy and I think you’ve bottled up and injected lightning straight into my veins?)

13. What’s your biggest fear?
(Is it falling, is it crashing, is it burning, while the person who was supposed to catch you is looking in the wrong direction.)

14. Are you afraid of heights?
(Or are you okay with wanting to taste the sky?)

15. If you could meet anybody in the world, who would it be?
(Does it sound insane when I say that I can recall you from every single one of my past lives?)

16. What do you consider a perfect day?
(What if I used to have some elaborate speech for this but since you all I can think about is your lazy smile and heavy eyes when we watch bad movies all day?)

17. What do you look for in a friendship?
(Is it too simple to say all I want is to shake the fear of an exposed back every time I walk away?)

18. How good are you at good-byes?
(How easy is it for you to leave, even if it’s just for the night?)

19. What’s your zodiac sign?
(Are you going to laugh when I spend the day telling you how compatible we are and kissing you after every negative thing it says about us not working because I refuse to believe even the stars have a say in how great we could be.)

20. Are you scared of falling in love
(What if I told you that, right now, I’m terrified.)

20 questions (when trying to figure out where you stand) // a.l.

I wish I knew what to do with my life, what to do with my heart… I do nothing all day, boredom settles in, I look at the sky so I get to feel even smaller than I already feel and my mind keeps poisoning itself uselessly.
     Sylvia Plath

It’s incredible how alone one person’s absence can make you feel. I could be in a room surrounded by all my friends and family, but without you I might as well be standing on the surface of the moon.
     — Beau taplin, Moon Landing

"If one day speed kills me do not cry, because I was smiling."~ Paul Walker

A girl never express her liking for a
Thinking that boy should express it
A boy never express it with a fear of losing her as a friend,
That’s why love stories end before it

Even heroes have the right to bleed.

Her quotes are so funny and inspiring. She's such a nice girl! <3
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I Wanna Be Yours, Arctic Monkeys

I'm new to this website!
I've pretty much got everything down, though.
All thanks to Adelae! Best bud ever <3
I know I'm going to love it here, so far everybody seems so nice.
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