Status: Doing what you like is freedom,but liking what you do is happiness.
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Location: Southern suburbs of Athens,Greece.
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It's been a while.
My name's Irene and I'm 22.I live in Greece.
I love all kinds of music.

My fav book is The Whisperer  by Donato Carrisi.
I'm on university,studying French Language and Literature.My dream job is to become a translator.

That's it for now


Quotes by Irene*

I am nuts for real
But I'm okay with that!?


So,I visited my grandparents yesterday.
In less than 10 seconds,I became taller,prettier and skinnier.


I only realize that music videos I watch on TV have a sexual meaning
when my parents enter the room and I try to find the remote to change the channel.


What I'm thinking when I want to write a new quote:

Me:Time for a new quote!
Me:Oh how about something funny
Me:Nah I'm not funny
Me:Something cute maybe?
Me:Nah who said I'm cute?
Me:I'm just gonna write something random
Me:Like what??
Me:F*ck it,I'm just gonna fave a bunch of quotes again.

And now you understand why I have only 35 quotes ._.


I really don't understand how some people can click "Anonymous"
and tell people to "kill themselves"...Ugh,you people are made of stone.


I see people writing so many quotes and most of them are really good,with things that happen in life to things that are extremely funny.
And then it's me thinking "Wow I have nothing to write.My life must be boring"

We should all learn to live like Spongebob Squarepants.
Laugh and smile for no reason and annoy the ones that hate us with our happiness.


Thank God Witty exists otherwise I would be SOO bored...

I really miss the "VENT" category...