Status: Doing what you like is freedom,but liking what you do is happiness.
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It's been a while.
My name's Irene and I'm 22.I live in Greece.
I love all kinds of music.

My fav book is The Whisperer  by Donato Carrisi.
I'm on university,studying French Language and Literature.My dream job is to become a translator.

That's it for now


Quotes by Irene*

Isn't it perfect how a person you totally trust can f/ck up everything?


Just pretending to be a cat when you don't know what to say.


That second where love turns to hate.
It really looks longer than just a second..


Shut your mouth 'cause you're talking too much

And I don't give a damn anyway


Things change.People change.Unfortunately,the past doesn't.


This is actually my grandma's advice

"The key to hapiness is confidence.If you feel confident with yourself and you're happy with who you are,nobody will dare to make fun of you.If not,make them regret it.Show them the dark side of yourself."


My problem is,I trust people TOO easy...Well,shame on me.


You only live once.But if you do it right,then once is enough.

This REALLY happened yesterday,the day my dad was driving me at school.

Dad*stops the car* Ok Irene here you go have a nice day!
Dad:Honey you can't miss school.You have to go..
Me:Dad are you kidding me!!?
Me:I don't go to elementary school,but at HIGH SCHOOL for like 3 years now!?
Dad:Let's not talk about this ever again...


My face when I find out my crush has a girlfriend.